goldinc contact info

Email (duh!) :
Snail Mail : PO Box 406, Long Beach, MS 39560
Voice : (228) 864-2423
Fax : (228) 865-9436 (new)
PPP (analog) : (228) 865-0400 (requires username, password, login script)
PPP (digital): (228) 864-5676 (requires username, password)

Checks may be made payable to GOLD, Inc.

What do you mean you haven't yet signed up for $24.95 unlimited monthly Internet access with a shell and no commercial restrictions on your 5 Megs of Web Space? What are you waiting for?

What am I waiting for? Well, how about a local dialup number?

Please refer to the FAQ.

We currently don't have local access numbers for Baldwin County, Alabama, nor Germany, but that hasn't prevented customers in those areas from taking advantage of our Web Presence prices.

That's right: The Goldinc Web server gets more hits each day from non-local users of the Internet, with the possible exception of December 4/5, 1995, when the majority of the hits originated in Mississippi.

Now who would have expected that? :^)